Timber Treatments

Timber treatments

Whether you've found evidence of woodworm or another timber infestation, Property Conservation Services Ltd in Witney can help.

Combat woodworm effectively

Woodworm is a general term given to wood boring insects, which make a home in your property, leaving hundreds of tiny holes and bore dust. If left untreated woodworm can cause significant damage to any timber present in your home, be it structural or furniture.
damaged timber

Finding the source of the issue

Before treatment begins, our team will brush down the affected area, and remove any intervening roof insulation, carpets or floor coverings. 
timber bugs

Fast, effective timber treatments

Once we have identified the species infecting your timber, we will apply the best insecticidal fluid to ensure the problem is treated effectively. As it is often flying insects that cause woodworm, rapid treatment is recommended. Contact our team in Witney today. We are available throughout the area, including Evesham, Oxfordshire and Worcestershire.
For effective woodworm treatment in Worcestershire and Oxfordshire, contact Property Conservation services Ltd today on: 

01295 788 106
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