Timber Treatment FAQ

Timber infestation and woodworm FAQ

Based in Witney, Property Conservation Services Ltd offer timber infestation and woodworm treatments to properties across Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, Northamptonshire, Berkshire and Bedfordshire.

How do I know if woodworm are present?

Look out for small holes where the woodboring insects bore into the wood. These will be present if there has historically been an infestation, long after the insects are gone if it has been treated.

To determine whether the infestation is active our surveyors would look for frass - this looks like dust which is formed when the beetles bore into the wood.

Sometimes you can see the insects, which would also be an indication, however other insects are sometimes misidentified as woodworm by a less experienced eye.

How do you treat woodworm?

Property Conservation Services Ltd provides you an insecticidal fluid to spray all affected timbers and, in some cases, surrounding timbers. Upon contact with the treatment, the insects are exterminated. This can happen some time after treatment, as the Common Furniture Beetle larvae mature and come to the surface of timber and into contact with the insecticide.

What is the best time of year to treat woodworm?

There is no 'wrong time' to treat woodworm (Common Furniture Beetle) because of the persistent nature of the treatment materials. 

Is the insecticide used dangerous to humans?

We closely follow guidelines outlined on the data sheets for all chemicals that we use.

It is recommended that treatment areas are not inhabited for an hour after treatment, and our technicians wear masks and gloves as a precaution.

Can you hear woodboring insects?

There are two types of woodworm that you can hear in the UK - Deathwatch Beetle and House Longhorn Beetle.

We usually have reports of hearing the noise at night time - when the house is most quiet, however the noise is constant, just not obvious when there are other noises present.
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