Dry Rot

Dry rot repairs in Oxfordshire

Timber which has become damp in the past is very susceptible to dry rot.

Professional repair services

The fungus that causes dry rot is very persistent, and can penetrate brickwork and masonry. Whilst it does not affect these materials, it can easily pass through and cause damage to any wooden components it comes into contact with. 
dry rot treatment

Effective dry rot treatment

Because the fungus draws its nourishment from wood in which the moisture content is high, it is essential to maintain the property in a watertight condition. Good ventilation is desirable and a dry rot report will often detail issues and recommend the best repairs.
dry rot removal

Prevent further damage to your property

The only way to eliminate dry rot is to remove the source of dampness, remove all defective timber and sterilise all the affected masonry. Property Conservation Services Ltd will ensure every step is taken to remove dry rot affected timber, and ensure the issue does not occur again. 
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