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Rising damp treatments FAQ

At Property Conservation Services Ltd we can treat a range of damp problems, including rising damp, for properties across Witney and the surrounding areas. 

What type of survey is required?

When purchasing or selling a property, the valuation survey might state that the property has "dampness to ground level walls". We regularly complete inspections for people in this stage of the purchasing/selling process. 

It is important to have a survey undertaken by a CSRT qualified damp specialist. All of our surveyors hold current and complete qualifications for all relevant areas of work. Upon completion of the inspection, we can submit a full report and quotation, which will be helpful both throughout negotiations and completion.

Alternatively, you can commission an independent surveyor to complete a survey. In this case, you can pay the surveyor to complete the inspection and they can offer an unbiased opinion. If you would like advice on independent surveyors that we trust, please don't hesitate to call.

Trusting an honest opinion

In some circumstances, upon inspection of a property our surveyors find that there is no serious damp present. In these cases, we may suggest a subsequent visit if there are any walls to monitor or it may be apparent that there is nothing to worry about.

Our surveyors are honest, and have decades of experience. It is essential to us that honest advice is given at every inspection.

Is replastering necessary? 

In cases where rising damp is diagnosed, the remedial process has two steps - the first, to inject a damp proof course system and the second step is to replaster affected walls to the correct specification. A copy of this specification is supplied with all of our reports and is available either electronically or as a hard copy upon request.

Rising damp results in ground derived salts (chlorides and nitrates) being deposited within the plaster. These salts are hygroscopic (attract moisture) and can provide a damp surface even when the damp proof course is effective.

How long should I wait prior to replastering?

You are able to replaster immediately after walls have been treated with a damp proof course if you wish. The specification of the render to be applied is extremely important and the use of incorrect materials could invalidate your guarantee. Our replastering specification is available upon request. For advice, please call the office and we can answer any queries, or provide a quotation for Property Conservation Services Ltd to replaster for you.

How long do I have to wait to redecorate after replastering?

Redecoration can commence upon the plaster completely drying out. The walls will turn from brown to a pink/white colour and this is when a water based trade emulsion can be used.

Our guidelines state that this should be at around SIX WEEKS after replastering, however this decoration should be regarded as temporary for twelve months as the walls dry out.

Damp returning after a DPC has been installed?

Usually when a damp proof course is installed in a property, a guarantee is issued. Our guarantees are for thirty years.

If a company has installed a damp proof course and there is a problem, call them to complete a reinspection. If Property Conservation Services Ltd completed the work and you have any worries surrounding it, please call the office. We will need at least the year that the work was completed and the address of the property. It is also useful to have the guarantee number and report reference to hand.

We will then organise a reinspection under terms of the guarantee, where we can diagnose what has gone wrong. If our work proves defective, we will retreat the area, if there is another reason for a recurring damp problem this will be highlighted and appropriate advice given.

You should expect this from any contractor who issues guarantees for their work.
We offer rising damp and timber inspections on properties in the process of being purchased. We offer homebuyer's services. 
For more information on our rising damp treatment services contact our team in Witney today.
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