Basement Waterproofing FAQ

Basement and structural waterproofing FAQ

At Property Conservation Services Ltd we provide basement and structural waterproofing services for properties across Witney, Banbury, Oxford, Northampton and the surrounding areas.

A damp cellar or basement - where to start?

Most old original cellars are damp. Some flood occasionally, some flood regularly and some have never flooded at all. 

If you wish to convert the area to a living space you will hugely benefit from the advice of a CSSW qualified surveyor. When determining options that are available it is paramount that BS 8102 - Code of Practice for Protection of Structures Against Water from the Ground, is taken into consideration. This should be adhered to when converting basements into living space, and also includes the installation of adequate ventilation.

We can arrange for a qualified surveyor to complete an inspection free of charge to discuss the solutions available to you.

How do I fix to a wall treated with waterproof material?

There are 'ideals' for how this should be tackled:

1 - Cementitious tanking:

A recess should be formed where the fixings will be and the tanking taken into the recess prior to render being applied. You can (carefully) drill into the render, taking care not to puncture the tanking system.

2 - Cavity drainage membrane:

Additional studding can be applied behind the plasterboard to receive fixings and take the extra weight.

Both require forward planning, so if this is something that is going to be an issue it should be discussed at the initial meeting with the surveyor.

What options are available to me?

Some, if not all, walls in a cellar/basement are earth retaining. They are subject to penetrative damp and sometimes the ingress of running water.

There are different solutions to render the area habitable, the two most common are cementitious tanking and cavity drainage membranes.

Cementitious means cement based, which we have in the form of a slurry. This can be painted onto walls and floors to eradicate the possibility of lateral water ingress. This solution can prove effective, however is prone to condensation and could potentially cause problems in the future - this system must not be pierced which can make hanging shelves/fitting furniture difficult.

Property Conservation Services Ltd prefer to use the cavity drainage membrane on underground elevations, as it minimises condensation and provides a practical solution, eliminating most problematic areas associated with cementitious tanking.

For structures prone to flooding, we can install a sump & pump at the same time as fixing the membrane & drainage channel into place. This actively pumps away water in order that the area does not flood.
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